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Evidence of DHEA and Weight Loss

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Evidence of DHEA and Weight Loss

You know me… I’m a little skeptical about research studies and I am WELL aware that pharmaceutical companies cherry pick the studies they have published - the ones that support their drug, and “ignore” the research that does not support the use of their drug.

But we don't get to choose that with nutraceuticals because we are already fighting an UPHILL battle toget ANYTHING positive about nutraceuticals published. In fact, medical journals do their best to NOT publish the positive findings of Nutraceuticals. So when we do have proof from an organization that has a hard time hiding their findings... it's fun (and I'm grateful) for the information to get out there.

NOW for the GOOD news! 

When it comes to WEIGHT LOSS.. there is ample evidence that DHEA HELPS with reducing weight. And that has been shown in both animal studies AND human studies – in the U.S. AND in other countries. So that’s worth it to me to think there is something worth talking about.

In animal studies, DHEA has a very good track record for reducing fat accumulation in both genetic and diet-induced weight gain. And because of this track record, our own National Institutes of Health (NIH) couldn't ignore it any longer. 

The NIH actually funded the best form of study to look at DHEA and weight loss in humans. This type of study is called a “randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled” study.

The only change that was made to the study participants was that they either took the REAL thing (DHEA supplement) OR they took a placebo for 6 months. Their diet and exercise were not changed.

The results were POSITIVE. 

People taking DHEA lost on average almost 3 pounds (again without changing diet and activity levels) while people who took the placebo GAINED a little over a pound!

Okay… if you know anything about WEIGHT GAIN in Americans under the age of 80, the average weight gain is 1 to 2 pounds per YEAR. (Now add up YOUR weight gain over the years!). So the results MATCHED the studies in animals AND the known weight gain of Americans on average! 

Sure, these results (3 pounds in 6 months) isn’t “Dramatic” to some people. 

But they ARE dramatic to me! 

If I can help someone lose 3 pounds in 6 months instead of GAINING a pound – year after year…. Wow! That’s pretty good. NOW imagine adding a little walking to the mix (which we all need to do anyway) AND improve our diet… then the weight loss is even MORE dramatic.

And that’s not all the good news! WHERE the FAT was lost was even more important! 

At the end of the 6-month study, an MRI was taken of all of the participants abdominal area. The MRI results showed that the fat lost in women who were taking DHEA was mostly fat lost from their ABDOMEN! 

In fact, they lost a little more than 10% of their abdominal fat! 

And let me tell you… that has some major repercussions that you might already know about – far more important that just feeling AND looking better!

The fat that accumulates around our mid-section is the UNHEALTHIEST fat of all! Abdominal fat is responsible for increased insulin resistance and the development of diabetes and heart disease – the leading cause of death!

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