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Every Woman wants to know what she can do to Lower Risks of Breast Cancer.

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Every Woman wants to know what she can do to Lower Risks of Breast Cancer.

FOR ALL THE LOVELY LADIES WITH CONCERNS ABOUT ESTROGEN AND BREAST CANCER, ie; personal history, family history or information from your PCP. This is a great informative read!!!

The Women's Health Initiatives FINAL conclusions showed how women who supplemented with Estrogen alone had an even LOWER RISK of breast cancer than even the placebo group.

Here is a graph which shows how breast cancer increases as hormones decrease.

I hope this clarifies how for MOST women, we do not need to be afraid of using the right Estrogens at the right doses. This includes Estradiol and Estriol and Progesterone. In fact, this Protects us. Young Hormones, Hormone Heaven is a healthy mix of 80/20 Estriol / Estradiol with Progesterone and is perfect for MOST women.

There are a few groups of women however who I take a more conservative approach with:

1. Women who have unhealthy lifestyles with high exposure to toxins. It's important to help these women improve their exposure to toxic substances and start cleansing their GUT, Liver and Cells. We know that 90% or more of all breast cancers are caused by Lifestyle Factors, so getting on the right diet and detox program is vital. Though I have no problem using bio identical hormones in this group... they will perform much better AND provide the safety profile we have proof of if a healthier lifestyle and detox plan is also part of the plan.

2. Women who have elevated Estrogen levels. There is no reason to use Estrogen if the levels are already elevated. I recommend Progesterone to balance the Estrogen elevation and resolve the Estrogen Dominance. (Use Young Hormones, Hormone Protect)

3. Women who have personally had breast cancer need a conservative approach too - and should use only Estriol and Progesterone. No Estradiol (E2) at all because we don't want to raise the Estrone (E1) levels. Estradiol (E2) can convert to Estrone (E1) whereas Estriol (E3) can not. (Use Hormone Support or Hormone Protect, but not Hormone Heaven)

4. Women who have 2 FIRST degree relatives with breast cancer. First degree means father, mother, sister or brother, daughter or son. Not grandmother or aunts etc. These women I recommend the same care as women who have had a personal history of breast cancer. Estriol (E3) and Progesterone only. (Use Hormone Support or Hormone Protect, but not Hormone Heaven)

5. Women who have multiple relatives with breast cancer but not necessarily First degree relatives. For instance, a mother, grandmother and an aunt. This is enough for me to be very conservative and recommend only Estriol (E3) and Progesterone (Use Hormone Support or Hormone Protect, but not Hormone Heaven)

All of us need a healthy lifestyle since we know over 90% of breast cancer cases are caused by lifestyle events and exposures such as toxins, diet, lack of exercise, obesity and so forth.

Every woman wants to know what she can do to lower her risk of breast cancer.

Some of the factors associated with breast cancer -- being a woman, your age, and your genetics, for example -- can't be changed. Other factors -- being overweight, lack of exercise, smoking cigarettes, and eating unhealthy food -- can be changed by making choices. By choosing the healthiest lifestyle options possible, you can empower yourself and make sure your breast cancer risk is as low as possible.

Overweight and obese women have a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women who maintain a healthy weight, especially after menopause. Being overweight also can increase the risk of the breast cancer coming back (recurrence) in women who have had the disease.

This higher risk is because fat cells make estrogen; extra fat cells mean more estrogen in the body, and estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers develop and grow.

Losing weight can be harder as you get older, but it can be done with careful changes to your diet and regular exercise

Far more could be done to prevent cancer and that cancer strategies must focus not just on early diagnosis and treatment but on removing as many external triggers as possible.

These include diet, alcohol, cigarettes, sunburn, some viruses, pollution and likely other factors that have yet to be identified. 

An estimated 30-40 per cent of cancer cases could be avoided given a better lifestyle.

Questions? Ask away!

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