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Doctors are still claiming that Bioidentical Hormones have not been tested

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Doctors are still claiming that Bioidentical Hormones have not been tested

Many doctors are still claiming that Bioidentical Hormones have not been tested. And this is simply NOT true.

Bioidentical Hormones may not have been studied as CREAMS compounded by a pharmacy, but TOPICAL Bioidentical Estradiol HAS been extensively studied and FOUND to be the safest route to use of any form of hormone.

I don't understand how Conventional Medicine can tell you in one sentence that Bioidentical TOPICAL ESTROGEN is the safest way to supplement with Estrogen and then claim that they haven't been tested. It's a lie. They just say what they want to say - when it serves whatever purpose they have at the moment.

As for Progesterone… Bioidentical Progesterone is the most extensively studied sex hormone of all! Bioidentical Progesterone in pill form has been studies for 50 years! Many of these studies have been with pregnant women or women planning to get pregnant.

In other words, Bioidentical Hormones HAVE been studied!

They haven't been studied "side by side" with Synthetic hormones, but they have been extensively studied. Over and over again, Bioidentical Hormones have been shown through the TransDERMAL route to be the safest way to restore our hormones, and have been found by Conventional Medical research to help Restore our health and youthfulness and PREVENT diseases such as Heart Disease (the number one cause of death), Dementia, Bone Loss, Diabetes and even Breast Cancer.

Little by little Conventional Medicine is running out of excuses. And when they run out completely... like they are getting close to now... they will come up with some other excuse to poo poo compounded hormones.

They are trying right now to stop our right to get compounded hormones! They've tried to do this before a few years ago, but failed.

We're trying to fight back. But honestly, just knowing about their efforts is so unbelievable and distressing to me that it disgusts me to think that Medical Societies of any type would support these actions - ALL for the support of Disease Causing, Synthetic, Prescriptions.

They NEED to direct their attention of the GOOD of people - REGARDLESS of a potential threat to big businesses pocketbooks! I just can't believe that the profession I entered can be so selfish.

I refuse to have doubt that eventually Bioidentical Hormones will take over the primary hormone replacement treatment for Midlife women. And I also believe that hormone replacement with Bioidentical Hormones will one day be the ONLY form of hormones Women use.

Keep hanging out here ladies - and keep reading everything you can from Functional Medicine physicians.

Remember, we Functional Medical Docs live by the SAME rules and regulations run and overseen by the SAME medical societies as Conventional Docs. We just step out on a limb and speak up for what we see and know is right, while Conventional Docs will wait for their hand to be held with a silver platter of big pharmaceutical and medical society support, before they admit to any new knowledge.

Questions? Ask away!

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