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Did you know you can use your YOUNG HORMONE creams for WINKLES?

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Did you know you can use your YOUNG HORMONE creams for WINKLES?
YES! You CAN use your YOUNG HORMONE Creams on the skin of your FACE AND NECK with the following Guidelines!
Estrogens and DHEA are your POWER hormones for fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and thinning skin.
You can be confident using either Hormone Heaven or Hormone Support as an Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream! You CAN use it around your lips and eyes where fine lines form!
Absolutely! You can use it in other areas of your face and neck as well.
But, it only takes a tiny little bit. Just place a few "dots" of cream where you have fine lines (around eyes and lips) and dot a little on your cheeks if you are noticing dryness and thinning there as well. Then put the rest of the cream in the normal places (arms, legs, lower back, hip).
And do this twice a day - and you'll add to your Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen! Remember... just little dots of cream and "pat" the cream gently into the skin without "rubbing".
You can use DHEA POWER around your eyes and on your cheeks, and definitely on your neck (that's where I use it), but I don't recommend using DHEA POWER around the lips.
The "mustache" area is already challenged during midlife and after menopause - with darker and sometimes thicker hair instead of that thin, light blond hair that is more common when we are younger.
Since DHEA converts to both Estrogen and Testosterone, I would not think putting it in an area that already has more unwanted hair growth and/or darkening than other areas of the face is a good idea - but again around the eyes, cheeks and neck are very helpful to the skin.
There is ONE thing to remember when it comes to adding a little Bang for Your Buck.
**Before you TEST your hormones, do not use any hormones at all (none of them) on your face or neck for 2 FULL weeks.**.
Only use your hormones in the normal areas (arms, legs, hips, lower back) for the 2 weeks before testing.
This is probably over-kill and longer than necessary, but don't take any chances before testing. The hormones CAN end up in salivary glands and thereby cause your testing levels to be higher than they are for real.
ZRT recommends not applying hormones to the face or neck for ONE week before testing with saliva... so I'm going to say 2 weeks. Apply your Young Hormones to other parts of your body during these 2 weeks - just to make sure.
So YES to Hormone Heaven, Hormone Support and DHEA POWER!
It won't take much... Just dot it onto the areas of concern twice daily and pat it gently in to lightly spread it to surrounding areas. And just repeat the process in the evening as well.

Get some more BANG for your buck and let Hormone Heaven, Hormone Support and DHEA POWER work for you!

It restores your Hormone Levels to a Youthful state AND helps repair fine lines for sure!

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