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Did you know that Your SEX HORMONES play a large role in your immune response to infections!?!

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Did you know that Your SEX HORMONES play a large role in your immune response to infections!?!
Research clearly shows that younger women have a higher capacity to produce antibodies that fight infection than men. This increased immune ability in females helps us effectively resist infection as well as be LESS susceptible to viral infections.
On the other hand, we are also more likely to develop autoimmune disease – causing a HYPER immune response, particularly when our Estrogen is not balanced with Progesterone and Testosterone.
Estrogen has opposite effects on our immune system than both Progesterone and Testosterone have. And THIS is why it is critically important that our hormones be BALANCED!
The stress hormone, Cortisol, when in its normal circadian rhythm, rising early in the morning and then dropping throughout the day and evening, provides us with a healthy and normal interaction with our Sex Hormones to also protect us from infection. However, when under stress, our Cortisol rises abnormally, and research has shown that this abnormal rise in Cortisol interacts abnormally with our Sex Hormones and increases our susceptibility to infection.
It can work the other way around as well. When Sex Hormones are imbalanced, our ability to enjoy normal deep sleep is impaired. And this will also set off a cascade of events that rise Cortisol and increase our susceptibility to catching a viral illness.
And finally, another extremely interesting bit of fairly fresh research, is the association between our Sex Hormones, and their balance with one another, (Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone) and how an IMBLANCE impacts our GUT’s microbiome and therefore its ability to function as our immune system’s primary protective immune organ!
We are learning more and more about the importance of maintaining healthy and youthful levels of hormones beyond menopause. Though menopause is a “normal occurrence” of life, we also face more illness (arthritis, heart disease, dementia, mood disorders, osteoporosis, etc.) after menopause. These medical conditions have been directly linked to lower hormone levels and can be debilitating to the millions and millions of women every year as they enter their midlife years.
My purpose is to help and educate YOU and the millions of other women just like you and me.
It's all about Balanced Nutrition, Balanced Hormones and Balanced GUT.
Here is what to do:
As a midlife women, if you haven’t gone through menopause, start with TESTING your hormones. I recommend using the easiest and most economical ZRT testing kit called AccuMAP-5. ZRT is a leading testing laboratory in the U.S. that specialized in hormone testing.
Then follow the charts on our website to choose the correct Young Hormones product that is right for you so you can effectively restore your hormones to safe Youthful levels. Young Hormones is the highest quality bioidentical hormones available over the counter.
If you are PAST Menopause, it’s a little easier. Starting hormones right away is comfortable and safe without testing. We KNOW your levels are low after menopause. So you can very safely use Young Hormones without testing. Then after about 3 months… testing is certainly helpful to assure your hormones are properly balanced and maintained at normal Youthful levels.
If you are within the first 10 years after menopause, Hormone Heaven is the right choice for you. If you are past 10 years, Hormone Support is more appropriate.
So, you see, Bioidentical Hormones are like little soldiers that help protect you from not only heart disease, dementia and osteoporosis… they also help protect you from an inability to fight off day to day infections!

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