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Causes and Diet Tips for "Leaky Gut" (Inflamed Small Bowl)

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Causes and Diet Tips for "Leaky Gut" (Inflamed Small Bowl)

Conventional Medicine doesn't recognize the term "Leaky Gut." But I PROMISE you... it exists. As I have said, it takes 17 years for research to make it down to the front-line practicing doctor!

Right now, Leaky Gut is a LAYMAN's Term for a lousy inflamed Small Bowel. If you use this term with a strictly conventional doctor, you may be disappointed with him/her rolling his eyes. DON'T BE DISCOURAGED! (Some conventional doctors are just now starting to hear about the literature proving this condition!)

You see, the lining of the small intestine is only ONE CELL layer in thickness. That's it! Just one cell layer. If you think about the skin having 7 layers, you can appreciate what this means. This one cell layer is made up of cells that are also attached to each other by something called GAP JUNCTIONS.

These Gap Junctions can start to separate when the Small Bowel gets inflamed. Think about when you have a cut on your arm. You get swelling around the cut and the area gets mushy, soft, red and fragile. This can happen in your GUT too! And when it does, these Gap Junctions widen and this allows toxins and other foul substances to seep through these openings directly into your blood stream.

This effects your ability to absorb nutrients, lowers your immune system, increases food allergies, causes inflammation in other parts of your body, and effects your moods, commonly bringing on anxiety, depression and even be a player in the level of motivation you feel to live your day to the fullest.

The key is to maintain a healthy Gut which isn't an easy task!

We love the variety of foods we have at our disposal, from wine and cheese appetizers to back-yard BBQ's. We're not perfect and who wants to be anyway?

I recommend mastering a Balanced Warrior Fighter Core with Easy-Going "Peripheral Treats" at specific times of the day or week. With a Warrior Fighter Core, your baseline is set. You don't want or need all the things that set off Leaky Gut. You stay clear of breads, bagels, pastas, and bakery goods. And you focus on antibiotic hormone free meats, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats (which include some saturated fat). That's your baseline Warrior Core. It's not hard, or complicated or require much thinking. It's a plate full of everything you want your kids to eat.

THEN, you have a few treats here and there. Dark Chocolate if this is your thing, a glass of wine (preferably red if wine is a regular treat), gluten free chips (when you just want them!) and so forth.

Life is RIGHT NOW and it's worth treating yourself like you are worth a TRILLION DOLLARS. Because you ARE!


"I've been coping with leaky gut since medical doctors over-prescribed antibiotics decades ago, resulting in food intolerances. L-glutamine works well to heal the lining.." Christine S.

"Yes! I love Glutamine! I put a scoop of Glutamine in my shake EVERY DAY! Not worth skimping on the Glutamine!!" Dr. Karen Leggett


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