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Can you Restore your Hormones WITHOUT using any Hormone Replacement Therapy?

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Can you Restore your Hormones WITHOUT using any Hormone Replacement Therapy?

I have been asked multiple times if there is a way to Restore your Hormones and benefit from having more Youthful Levels after Menopause, without using any Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Hormone production in the Adrenal Glands: 
Our Adrenal Glands (AND Fat Cells) still make a small amount of hormones after Menopause. But the amounts are just a TRACE amount of what your ovaries made before menopause, and are far too low to restore your hormones to premenopausal levels.

Nutrition's Influence:
Healthy nutrition will help you BALANCE what little hormones you make from your Adrenal glands and Fat Cells after menopause. Experienced and smart "Wholistic Nutritionists" often can help a motivated woman with designing a nutritional plan to eat optimally and provide vitamin and mineral supplement suggestions to augment her diet.

Good nutrition and supplements result in a healthy digestion and Cortisol level during menopause. Healthy nutrition and digestion is critical for your immune system and for providing all of your organs with the nutrients they need to slow down the natural process of aging.

Good nutrition also helps keep Cortisol controlled - which decreases the symptoms of low hormones by itself.

But no matter what you eat, you can NOT restore your hormones to Youthful LEVELS. I hear this claim occasionally from a less experienced "wholistic nutritionist" or by someone who work with Essential Oils.

Unfortunately, neither nutrition nor essential oils are able to restore our hormone LEVELS to PRE-Menopause levels, let alone a healthy 30 year old level. If you are led to believe this... it's just not true.

To Receive the Benefits of Maintaining Youthful Levels of Sex Hormones Long After Menopause, Hormone Supplementation is the ONLY WAY.

TOPICAL hormones (by cream, gel or patch) is the SAFEST way to supplement Sex Hormones. This has been proven in multiple studies and is accepted by both Conventional and Functional Medical Societies / physicians.

BIOIDENTICAL hormones are identical to the hormones your body makes on it's own. Your body inherently knows what to do with hormones that are identical in structure to what your body makes itself.

On the other hand, your body doesn't recognize synthetic hormones and it's immune and detoxification processes must be fast at work to detoxify the synthetic components AND the resulting Hormone "Look-a-Like". And studies, HUGH studies, have shown just how dangerous synthetic hormones are on our bodies, from stroke to breast cancer... Synthetic Hormones are simply DANGEROUS.

Just remember... Bioidentical Hormones are not the same thing as Big Pharmaceutical Synthetic Hormones that Conventional Doctors prescribe.

Restoring your hormones should be either Prescribed by an Anti-Aging / Functional Medical Doctor and COMPOUNDED by a Compounding Pharmacist OR with THE LOVELY "YOUNG HORMONES" LINE OF ORGANIC Bioidentical Hormones!

Sure, Young Hormones is MY product line. And Yes, I personally formulated it based on over 15 years of caring for Women and their Hormones.

And this should make you feel good and confident that you are getting the best on the market!

"Young Hormones" is the only brand of bioidentical hormones created, and manufactured by an experienced physician - and right here in the U.S.

I personally use Hormone Heaven! I wouldn't use any other product on the market today.

Now YOU have an amazing Line of Bioidentical Hormone creams to choose from while knowing YOUNG HORMONES is a product you can TRUST 100%

Questions? Ask away!

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