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Bloating Woes Part 3: 15 Causes YOU may be Causing

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Bloating Woes Part 3: 15 Causes YOU may be Causing

In Part ONE I talked about the TWELVE Common MEDICAL Conditions that cause Bloating that You need to know about. An additional Less Common cause made it 13!

Part TWO was about the SIX Most Common HORMONE IMBALANCE Conditions that cause Bloating.

And Now, Part THREE is about the FIFTEEN Common Causes of Bloating that YOU could be doing to Yourself!

1. Eating a Diet High in Sodium - this causes retention of fluid with bloating.

2. Eating a High Carbohydrate Diet - this results in increasing Insulin levels which cause the kidneys to RETAIN Sodium resulting in water retention. It also slows the process of digestion, increases gas production AND requires more Enzymes to digest than the stomach can produce!

3. Eating packaged foods with MSG - monosodium glutamate - a very common allergen that is added to prepackaged foods resulting in allergen bloating.

4. Chewing gum or drinking from a straw or other habits that result in swallowing too much air.

5. Drinking carbonated beverages that cause gas.

6. Taking Medications such as pain relievers, over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, Anti-Anxiety medications, Anti-Depressant medications, Seizure medications, Birth Control Pills, and on and on!

7. Eating late at night before bed when the digestive processes have slowed down.

8. Not exercising - which the bowels depend on to stimulate movement.

9. Food Intolerances and food allergies which result in Gas formation and even eventual Leaky Gut Syndrome with continued consumption.

10. Not drinking enough water. Water is required to digest food properly and if there isn't enough water, food will remain in the bowel for a longer period of time, fermenting and producing gas and bloating.

11. Ignoring the urge to "go" which literally causes confusion within the bowels nervous and muscular systems.

13. Eating a diet High in Saturated Fat, Dairy. All fats slow down digestion. But Saturated fat slows down digestion to a greatest extent. This is why red fatty meat and fried foods cause gas, bloating and constipation. Dairy is also often a problem, not only because of lower digestive enzymes that break down dairy, but also because of the bovine proteins in dairy that humans have difficulty digesting.

14. Drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol is actually a very difficult "food" for the Gut. It irritates the lining of the stomach and bowel which results in inflammation. This inflammation can eventually also turn into a Leaky Gut and/or cause a Dysbiosis of your Microbiome (good vs bad bacteria).

15. Drinking Caffeine - Coffee is a big irritant to the GI system as well and Women love their coffee as much as they love their wine! But Coffee is a big problem - more than Tea because coffee has higher amount of caffeine in it than most teas. Decaffeinated Teas and Coffee have far less effect of the GI system.

Next UP is How you can Determine Which category of causes could potentially be the reason YOU are experiencing Bloating!

Bloating Woes: 4 Part Series

Part ONE: 12 Medical Causes of Bloating

Part TWO: 6 Hormone Causes of Bloating

Part THREE: 15 Causes YOU may be Causing

Part FOUR: How to Determine the Cause

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