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Bloating Woes Part 2: Hormone Causes of Bloating

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Bloating Woes Part 2: Hormone Causes of Bloating

In Part ONE I talked about the 13 MEDICAL Conditions that cause Bloating that You need to know about.

Now for the SIX Most Common HORMONE IMBALANCE Conditions that cause Bloating:

1. Changes in the hormone Progesterone (during Pregnancy when Progesterone levels are much higher... and right before your period when Progesterone levels are also high- (AKA- PMS!) - cause the body to retain sodium which then causes the body to retain water. Happy medium? Balanced Progesterone to Estrogen.

2. A rapid change, and (cycling) in hormone levels such as during Peri-menopause when Estrogen is rising and plummeting frequently from week to week. This also results in the body retaining more salt and water and thus bloating.

3. A decline in Estrogen during Perimenopause and Menopause (as Estrogen plays an important part in signaling Digestive Enzyme release to break down food in the stomach - without the enzymes food sits too long in the stomach (see Gastroparesis above)

4. Hypothyroidism - low Thyroid hormones are horrific! It is often associated with Sex Hormone decline (Estrogen and Progesterone). More than 50% of all women end up Hypothyroid after Menopause. (Why not all women is still a controversial subject!)

5. High Cortisol levels caused by emotional stress (and other things.) High Cortisol causes Insulin resistance which results in Higher BLOOD sugar levels and Lower MUSCLE sugar use! This ALSO causes Gastroparesis!

6. High Insulin levels - Poor blood sugar control (even unrelated to high Cortisol levels) cause bloating because High blood Insulin ALSO results in the kidneys RETENTION of sodium - again causing additional retention of water.

Is Your Head Swimming yet? Wait! We're not finished yet!

Now You're ready to go for the GOLD with Part THREE where you'll discover the things YOU might be doing to YOURSELF that are causing Bloating!

Keep Reading! Part THREE coming next!

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