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Bloating Woes Part 1: 12 Medical Causes of Bloating

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Bloating Woes Part 1: 12 Medical Causes of Bloating

Do you get Uncomfortable BLOATING? Does your abdomen feel Tight and Full?

This can be an issue related to your GI (Gastrointestinal) System OR it can be a Hormone Imbalance! It can ALSO simply be things YOU are doing that you can easily correct!

How do you know which of these three may be causing your discomfort?

I have written a 4 part Blog on Bloating to help you understand all of the important causes of bloating. This post is Part ONE, but first, this is what you will Discover in this Four-Part Blog:

Part ONE covers The TWELVE most common GI (Gastrointestinal MEDICAL Conditions that cause Bloating (Plus ONE Less Common - but Very Important condition to remember).

Part TWO covers the SIX Most Common HORMONE IMBALANCE Conditions that cause Bloating

Part THREE covers the FIFTEEN Most Common Causes of Bloating that YOU Could be Doing to YOURSELF

And finally, Part FOUR will enlighten you to a fairly simple way to determine which TYPE of condition is at the ROOT CAUSE of your Bloating. There are some exceptions... but this will get you off and running to understanding which way YOU need to focus - to resolve this very uncomfortable condition.

Okay? Let's Go!

Part ONE:

If the bloating is related to the GI system, there are a number of conditions it could be. All are important to resolve, and can effect your health over all in a very big way. So you always want to think about these medical conditions and make sure none of these are the cause.

The TWELVE most common GI MEDICAL Conditions that cause Bloating (and ONE Less Common - but Very Important condition to remember) are:

1. Constipation (An extremely common problem and a huge topic in and of itself!)

2. Indigestion (from Inflammation caused by Food Intolerances and/or poor food and drink choices)

3. Gastritis or Ulcers (from long term Indigestion - though sometimes the indigestion was silent all along - called "Silent Indigestion" !)

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome - (now known to have 3 subcategories: Constipation Dominance, Diarrhea Dominance, and Alternating Constipation Diarrhea.)

5. Hiatal Hernia - (a physical protrusion of the upper portion of the stomach through the diaphragm, allowing it to sit up into the chest cavity, instead of remaining fully below the diaphragm in the abdominal cavity where it is supposed to stay)

6. Gastroparesis - (when the stomach's muscles do not function properly to push food out of the stomach, causing an extended period of time that the food sits in the stomach - VERY uncomfortable.)

7. Celiac disease (Gluten ALLERGY which effects 1 in 133 people in the U.S.) OR Gluten INTOLERANCE (which effects 1 in 30 people). It used to be felt that you couldn't have Celiac Disease unless you had diarrhea - but this has discovered to be False! Only 35% of those newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease have diarrhea.

8. Lactose Intolerance -(the lack of an enzyme that breaks down Dairy and something that your body can develop at anytime of life)

9. Nerve Damage from an injury or Illness that effects the nerves. Diabetes (and even just PREdiabetes) causes nerve damage. Spinal cord Injuries to your neck or back (as well as your brain) can also cause bloating. (If the nerves are hurt or damaged, they can not communicate with the bowel properly.)

10. Autoimmune Diseases (such as Multiple Sclerosis, Sjogrens Disease, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Systemic Lupus) all can result in GI disturbances including bloating

11. SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and Leaky Gut Syndromes - more recent discoveries in the GI system where the Microflora of the GUT is imbalanced between good and bad bacteria. Leaky Gut has weakened Gap Junctions and allows allergens and toxins to pass into the Systemic Circulation and a bacteria loaded mucous layer may also form causing further problems.

12. Lack of adequate Enzymes to digest foods appropriately. As we age, we produce less enzymes to digest foods. Though this is VERY common... there are few physicians who address this.

13. And though Less Common... I really want to add this one... Colon Cancer (and other GI cancers such as Stomach, Pancreatic, and Gallbladder cancers). These all can cause Bloating. Cancer should always be mentioned - particularly Colon Cancer because it is in the top 3 most common cancers, and we should ALWAYS be aware of the worst case scenario even if it's not as common as many others... right? (I Don't want to scare you... but I've seen it in practice, my darlings... where bloating was the ONLY symptom a woman had... and it turned out to be cancer in the abdomen.)

Tomorrow I will give Part TWO - The SIX Most Common HORMONE IMBALANCE Conditions that cause Bloating.

Keep Reading! Much More To Come!

Bloating Woes: 4 Part Series

Part ONE: 12 Medical Causes of Bloating

Part TWO: 6 Hormone Causes of Bloating

Part THREE: 15 Causes YOU may be Causing

Part FOUR: How to Determine the Cause

Questions? Ask away!

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