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Bloating is Pretty Common Starting in Midlife. Find out Why?

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Bloating is Pretty Common Starting in Midlife. Find out Why?

Bloating is pretty common starting in midlife and there are really quite a number of reasons that can be causing it.

Most people who have experienced bloating describe the sensation as a feeling of fullness or tightness within the abdominal area that can range from mild discomfort to severe pain.

During menopause, estrogen levels erratically fluctuate and bloating becomes more chronic. Also, progesterone is a natural diuretic, so when progesterone levels are below where they should be, women may also experience bloating.

While having too much estrogen can lead to bloating, having too little estrogen can also contribute to abdominal discomfort.

Estrogen has a job to do it the stomach and pancreas - just as it has jobs to do keeping your skin more elastic, hair smooth and shiny, bones strong, brain sharp, and heart vessels cleaner!

And THAT job is to send the signal to the stomach and pancreas to stimulate the production of digestive juices and digestive enzymes! As Estrogen declines, there is actually less digestive enzymes secreted since there is a reduction in the signal to your stomach and pancreas to do so!

Bile production decreases. Bile is fluid produced by the liver that aids in digestion. Bile helps to emulsify fats from the foods we eat and aids in cholesterol synthesis. It also acts a lubricant for our small intestines. Without proper lubrication, stool can accumulate within the small intestines and cause bloating, as well as constipation.

It's just amazing to me how much our body depends on Youthful Hormone levels!

Well... I guess along with the success of extending our lives with Antibiotics, Sterilization and Sanitation, Successful Surgical Procedures and Devices... comes the need to examine the VITAL hormone support our bodies depend on!

Find out more about hormone balance with Young Hormones Bioidentical Hormone Creams.


For the last 17 years I have been using Bioidentical Hormones myself. AND I have helped thousands of other Women balance their hormones too - so they can Live the Life they Imagined as a Younger Woman!

It is my Goal to Reach Women Everywhere to show them how they can keep their Hormones at Youthful, Safe, Balanced Levels and AVOID dreadful symptoms that occur during Midlife due to the decline of their Hormones! 

The added BONUS is that restoring Hormone Balance ALSO decreases the rapid process of aging that occurs as our Hormones decline, and AVOIDS the onslaught of symptoms that are misdiagnosed as multiple conditions such as insomnia, depression, migraines, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia!

That's why I created an elegant line of Bioidentical Hormones - "Young Hormones"! Young Hormones is an organically sourced Line of Bioidentical Hormones, available without Prescription!

It is important to use natural, bio-identical progesterone cream, which is made all natural, organic ingredients. 

The Progesterone in our Young Hormones  Hormone Protect – is formulated into USP Progesterone from only Organic, Non-GMO Yams. Other over the counter bioidentical creams are notorganically derived.  In addition, the base cream, in which the USP Progesterone is combined is very important. 

Many companies use cheap base creams that contain harmful or questionable chemicals. Young Hormones uses all-natural ingredients!!!! Young Hormones is absorbed almost instantly and there is no sticky residue like other bioidentical hormone creams.

When a natural progesterone cream is used, it is absorbed directly through the skin and into the bloodstream by-passing the liver’s filtering process.  This means that you use much less progesterone than when taking progesterone pills. While the benefits of natural progesterone are many, the main benefit of natural progesterone is that it can help support your body in keeping estrogen and progesterone ratios in balance, resulting in maintaining hormone synergy.

Bio-identical progesterone (the same type of progesterone that is produced in the body) is not the same as synthetic progestin.  Synthetic progestins have been linked to increased cancer risk, but natural, bio-identical progesterone has not. There was a large scale French study to determine the safety of synthetic progestin vs. natural progesterone, and it was found that using bio-identical progesterone did not raise cancer risk whereas the use of synthetic progestins did result in a “significant increase in cancer risk”. 

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