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BIOIDENTICAL Hormones! They are VASTLY different from Pharmaceutical Synthetic Hormone “look-a-likes.”

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BIOIDENTICAL Hormones! They are VASTLY different from Pharmaceutical Synthetic Hormone “look-a-likes.”
Pharmaceutical companies market synthetic altered hormones as hormones which act a lot like the body’s own Bioidentical Hormones. But the side effects that occur with these synthetic altered hormone “look-a-likes” can cause horrendously dangerous side effects.
For instance, ProgesTINS, such as Medroxyprogesterone, Levonorgestrel, and Norethindrone are the “look-a-like” imitations for Bioidentical ProgesterONE. ALL Hormone Replacement therapies that have more than just Estrogen in them, and ALL birth control pills, are made with ProgesTINS.
The side effects of these Bioidentical Progesterone “look-a-likes” include increasing the risk of breast cancer, stroke, heart disease and blood clots.
On the other hand, Bioidentical ProgesterONE, causes NONE of these side effects, and in fact are believed to decrease the risk of breast cancer, and lower blood pressure which helps protect against high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and many other serious medical conditions.
BIOIDENTICAL Hormones! They are VASTLY different from Pharmaceutical synthetic hormone “look-a-likes.”
With the advent of the Internet, opening up the opportunity to reach Women, (and the wise men who love us), one day my dream will come true! ALL women will understand the Truth and the difference between Bioidentical Hormones and the Synthetic Hormone “look-a-likes” which threaten our health, and the health of our daughters.
One day, women will never even consider anything BUT Bioidentical Hormones when it comes their turn to defy the rapid signs of aging as their hormones naturally decline.
There will be no question in women’s minds about the use of Bioidentical Hormones to slow aging and live energetically and joyfully long after menopause.
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