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Are you Feeding or Fighting Disease with Diet?

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Are you Feeding or Fighting Disease with Diet?

It serves you no purpose and offers you no help if I am not frank and direct with you, by undermining the value of developing a warrior mind and determined spirit to master a HEALING FOUNDATION of good nutrition. Almost everyone loves a juicy piece of cheesy pizza and a dense piece of double chocolate cake.

So before you read further, know that succeeding with a healthy disease-fighting nutritional foundation still ALLOWS for an oozing piece or two of cheesy pizza and an occasional splurge of chocolate sauce running down the sides of a moist piece of thick icing cake.

Just because you commit to a HEALING FOUNDATION of good nutrition does not mean you will no longer enjoy life's simple pleasures of a delectable meal and dessert! It's just not part of the FOUNDATIONAL FOODS, that's all. Foods you find to be orgasmic are still able to be enjoyed! They are just enjoyed at the right time, the right place, and at the right amount.

You've heard it before... you can't substitute anything else for a healthy diet. But there is so much confusion about what exactly makes up the healthiest diet. Recommendations from reliable sources vary wildly. The explanation for this is fairly straight forward, and fortunately once you understand the basics the solution for you as an individual is actually quite simple. When it comes to diet, we are all different. What is best for one person may not be best for you.

Some people do very well with a higher complex carbohydrate diet, whereas others do better on a higher protein or higher healthy fat diet. What we DO understand is the the types of macronutrients that are best for one person are also best for ALL people. Regardless of whether or not you function best on a high complex carbohydrate diet, and high protein diet, or a high healthy fat diet, the TYPES of carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the same for ALL.


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