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Part 2: Are you Androgen Dominant?

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Part 2: Are you Androgen Dominant?

Androgen Dominance: Part 2

In Part 1 of Androgen Dominance, you discovered that many of us end up with thinning scalp hair, pesky little black mustache hairs, and a growing belly we get disgusted with. These are all the masculine features of men as THEY age! They shouldn’t be associated with OUR aging! But, unfortunately, for many, they are!

A mustache, thinning scalp hair, and increased abdominal girth are the 3 most common signs that may mean you have an Androgen dominance - an imbalance between your Androgens (DHEA and Testosterone) to your Estrogen and Progesterone levels!


Androgen Dominance occurs before menopause because our ovaries slow down their production of Estrogen and Progesterone at a much faster rate than they do for the production of Testosterone. Then it doesn’t get any better even AFTER menopause when the ovaries stop making ALL of the sex hormones all together! Androgen dominance may still occur because the Adrenal glands continue to make the Androgen hormones Testosterone and DHEA!

Then there’s more challenges. As Androgen Dominance sets in… our fat cells just get larger and larger. Then guess what the fat cells do? They contribute to MORE Androgen Dominance in two MORE ways.

First, they cause INSULIN RESISTENCE which causes even more weight and fat gain because the muscles can’t take up sugar out of the blood properly because the muscle cells are resistant to the insulin that permits the sugar to go inside the cell to be burned off and made into energy. So instead, the body just has to store the sugar as fat.

Then secondly, Fat cells also cause LEPTIN RESISTENCE. Leptin is a hormone that is responsible for turning OFF our desire to eat! With Leptin Resistance, our brains don’t get the message that we are full so in Leptin Resistance, we perceive that we need to eat more!

It’s a true snowball effect. One thing just causes the other, and it gets worse and worse and it’s very difficult to stop.

So, if you find yourself gaining weight, especially in them midsection, start losing scalp hair more than you should, and you notice an increase in hair in the upper lip area, you likely have an Androgen Dominance.

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