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A message of Peace, Love and Hope from Dr. Karen and David Leggett

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A message of Peace, Love and Hope from Dr. Karen and David Leggett
The beginning of this week brought extremely difficult challenges.  But compared to what the country is experiencing, my woes seem barely worth mentioning.  However, I want to keep you up to date about the important Young Hormones that you have come to depend on.

As many of you know, we have been dealing with challenges of product supply shortages for both our Leggett Medical Group geriatric practice, and also for Women's Midlife Specialist.  I have been tirelessly trying to purchase N95 masks, gowns, and exam gloves for both myself and staff for the last month.   And in the last week, supplies of our Young Hormones beautiful line of Bioidentical Hormones have also run short. 

This has required us to limit purchase of Young Hormones creams so as to service as many people as possible, and even having to place two of our products on backorder.  When we got word late last week, my immediate thought was... "Oh my gosh!  I don't want to run out of my hormones!"  So I know... if I thought that... you would too.

As the United States' epicenter of COVID-19 (NYC) reaches the Apex of this terrible viral monster... so too did it seem that my companies, Leggett Medical Group and Women's Midlife Specialist were reaching their peak challenges as well.

But this is a message of Faith. Perseverance, and Passion.

As many of you know, David and I celebrate both Passover and Easter.  We also celebrated our 39th anniversary this past Thursday on April 9th.  We are people of deep faith that everything will work out in the end and that we will overcome the challenges we face.

And indeed this is exactly how this important week has ended.  We now have the good news that we are stabilizing, and our Amazing Country will recover from COVID-19 with far fewer deaths than we had originally been told.  Italy, Spain and France, with far too many lives lost, also reaching stabilization.  

And this week has also brought us here - at both Leggett Medical Group and Women's Midlife Specialist - good news about the challenges we face as well.

First, my brother called me to tell me he found an entire box of N95 masks in his manufacturing plant and he was sending them to me right away.  Then 3 days later, Sarasota Emergency Operations delivered twenty N95 masks, ten gowns and 300 gloves to us.  

And that is not all.  We were blessed with the fabulous news that the shortages of our Young Hormones Bioidentical creams would be quickly resolved.   Originally we were told our products would be on hold for about SIX WEEKS and maybe even longer.  But by Thursday, we were informed that we would have our products back in stock for YOU much more quickly, with a more realistic delay of only TWO weeks.

Though to accomplish this, David and I needed to spend much of our 39th Anniversary day side by side working in silence, it was well worth it.  We both looked at this as a message of Faith, Perseverance and Passion.  Just as our World, with 184 individual countries effected with COVID-19, with the rest of the World effected as well, we are all doing our part to get our individual countries and lives back.  We WILL recover and get to a better and stronger place.

Both Passover and Easter represent times we all slow down and contemplate how blessed we truly are.  We reflect on how important we each are in our World as individuals.  I want to assure you, that YOU are always on my mind, and my responsibility to you, is taken very seriously.  

May you have Faith, Perseverance and Passion today and always, and may you especially see the amazing Peace that follows.

With our deep appreciation and commitment to you,
David and Karen Leggett
Women's Midlife Specialist

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