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6 Debilitating Risks You Take When You Ignore Your Hormones!

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6 Debilitating Risks You Take When You Ignore Your Hormones!

Most Women think about Menopause and Peri-menopause as a time when they will experience hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, insomnia, weight gain and bloating. These ARE enough!  But... they don't think about what is REALLY lurking around the corner... the things that will steal their life away.

The REAL dangers of Hormone Decline are far greater than symptoms. Here is the truth about Hormone Decline that you ought to be thinking about - Your Future Depends on it.

Hormone Restoration DECREASES the risk of:

  1. BREAST CANCER: That's right.  The Women's Health Initiative Proved that Estrogen used around the time of Menopause and throughout the 10 years that the largest Women's Hormone Study took place, resulted in LESS risk of Breast Cancer than even the group of women who took a Placebo!

It also proved that it was the ProgesTIN that Increased a Woman's Risk of Breast Cancer - (please don't take ProgesTINs!). Bioidentical ProgesterONES do NOT increase a risk of Breast Cancer and in fact may Decrease your risk even further.

  1. HEART DISEASE - still the number one killer of women in the United States
  1. OSTEOPOROSIS AND BONE FRACTURES - stealing your freedom and independence and leaving You with pain, immobility and loss of independence. And there isn't a single good medical treatment for Osteoporosis. The ONLY good treatment for Osteoporosis is Hormones, Exercise, Diet and Supplements.  Period.
  1. DIABETES - Women who never use Hormone Replacement therapy suffer with a 70% (yes, that is SEVENTY PERCENT) greater risk of Diabetes.
  1. COLON CANCER - a devastating and common cancer that requires surgery, chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy as well.
  1. MEMORY LOSS - the greatest stealer of all. Just ask any one who has a loved one with Dementia. This slow, debilitating, lonely disease effects both you and your loved ones.

The Risks of allowing "nature to take its course" are completely up to you.

And, restoring hormones isn't for everyone.

But it is for Midlife Women who recognize that Life Represents a time when You CAN Spice Up Your life and Start Living the Second Half of Your "grown up" years... when you have the Maturity and Wisdom to live the way YOU want to live, and KNOW with certainty that you are doing Your Body good!


Here is a list I put together to show you how the primary benefits of Restoring Your Hormones to Youthful levels not only has positive effects on major Primary Factors like your Breasts, Heart, Bones, Brain, and all the organs effected by Diabetes, but ALSO how there are many Secondary Benefits as well. Like feeling Happier, Improving Mood, Improving Sleep which leads to being more Productive, making more Money, having more Satisfying Relationships, Less Pain, Hassle, and even Embarrassment.

It's like a Snowball Effect. One good thing leads to another.  Check it out here on my website.  You'll find a whole Library of Videos and the what I believe is the Worlds Most Luxurious Organic Line of Bioidentical Hormones Available Over the Counter - Young Hormones. Enjoy!

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