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3 "Anti-Aging" Questions for a Long, Vibrant, Healthy, and Attractive Life

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3 "Anti-Aging" Questions for a Long, Vibrant, Healthy, and Attractive Life

1. Are you aware that Your Hormones play a large role in slowing down the aging process?

2. Did you know that Your Hormones start rapidly declining 15 years before menopause, dropping 50-75% between ages 35 and 50?

3. Have you realized that you will live 30, 40, even 50 years with nearly NO hormones after Menopause?

Hi! I'm Dr. Karen Leggett, the Women's Midlife Specialist, and double board certified in Family and Geriatric Medicine and a current American Academy of Anti-Aging Fellow.

For more than 20 years I have helped 1000's of women "Get Their Life Back" by restoring their hormones to more Youthful levels! There has been nothing more satisfying in my life!

I have helped women all over the United States with my line of Bioidentical Hormones, the most Luxurious Anti-Aging Creams available -  Without Prescription!  Young Hormones and are perfectly balanced with USP Bioidentical Hormones for every stage of midlife - and beyond!

Young Hormones creams are Organic, Non GMO, Vegan, and certainly would NEVER contain synthetic preservatives or parabens!

They are smooth and luxurious and absorb within seconds, never leaving a single trace of sticky residue behind!

Young Hormones are USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Bioidentical Hormones and are the highest quality used by Compounding Pharmacists. They are manufactured in a CGMP, (a Current Good Manufacturing Practices), facility regulated by the FDA.

They were completely designed by me, and are the exact same doses that I have been Prescribing to 95% of my female patients for over 20 years. I personally use "Hormone Heaven", (and the Happy Hoo Hoo!), and wouldn't be without them!

Young Hormones come in a lovely airless dispensing container that releases only 1/4 of a milliliter per pump allowing for nice fine tuning. They arrive at your doorstep by Federal Express in protected bubble wrap packaging in 2 days!

The average dose of all the Young Hormones products is 2 pumps twice a day. And at this dosing, one container will last you 2 months, costing less than a daily cup of McDonalds coffee!

And I didn't stop there! I know there are many of you who are like me and want to know everything you can about your Hormones! So I put together a complete free Hormone Library of videos available to you right here on my website.

Check it out now! And make sure you check out The Happy Hoo Hoo while you are there too! It's the only over the counter suppository that will restore your "Privates" so You can start Living Again the way you imagined as a Younger Woman! (Your Partner will thank you too!)

You don't have to Age so Quickly anymore! Young Hormones will restore your Hormone Levels to Safe Youthful levels! And remember!

This is Natural Bioidentical Hormones that do not carry the risks that the synthetic ProgesTINS carry in pharmaceutical prescribed hormones!

This is the REAL DEAL! Now available without a prescription!

Bioidentical Hormone Creams

Enjoy! And Pass it Along! We Women need to help one another!

Questions? Ask away!


Visit my free video library for more information:

Young Hormones products:

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