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15 Most Common Cancers in Women AND Their Associated Risk of Death

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15 Most Common Cancers in Women AND Their Associated Risk of Death

If you ask any woman, “What cancer scares you the most?", most women will answer “Breast Cancer.” Women are far more likely to be afraid of breast cancer than they are to fear any other form of cancer or medical illness. But the truth is, Breast cancer causes a mere fraction of deaths compared to almost all other forms of cancer, and just a tiny fraction of the number of deaths heart disease cause each year.

In fact, women fear breast cancer almost twice as much as they fear a heart attack, yet each year more than 12 times as many women die of heart disease than of Breast cancer.

We hear a LOT about Breast cancer, because Breast cancer is the most common TYPE of cancer women get. Of about 740,000 new cases of ALL types of cancers diagnosed each year in women, about 207,000 of these cases are from Breast cancer. This represents about 28% of all types of cancer.

Almost every one of us personally know someone who has been diagnosed with Breast cancer, too. And for these reasons, women tend to hear about Breast cancer far more often than the other forms of cancer, and end up fearful of it.

The part that most women usually don’t know is that Breast cancer is actually one of the LEAST LIKELY types of cancer to die from.

Lung cancer on the other hand isn’t so “kind”. Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in women with about 106,000 cases a year, representing about 15% of all forms of cancer. And Lung cancer is far deadlier than Breast cancer and most other forms of cancer. About 70,000 women die each year from Lung cancer which measures about 66% of the new 107,000 cases each year.

66% represents a lot of Lung cancer deaths as the 2nd most deadly form of cancer, but there is still one other form of cancer that is even deadlier.

Pancreatic cancer is actually the most deadly, ranking highest with 81% deaths in comparison to cases diagnosed each year. Thankfully Pancreatic cancer is the 10th most common diagnosed form of cancer, (or 5th LEAST common), with about 22,000 new Pancreatic cancer cases diagnosed each year. However, we also see about 18,000 female deaths a year caused by Pancreatic cancer.

This means that although you have a far less likely chance of getting Pancreatic cancer than 9 other forms of cancer, if you are diagnosed with it, you have the highest risk of death from it than any other form of cancer.

Let’s go back now and look at the numbers more closely with Breast cancer. Though it is the most common type of cancer in women with about 207,000 new cases a year, it ranks at the bottom (12th out of 15), as the 4th LEAST deadly cancer. Only Uterine, Skin and Thyroid Cancers kill less frequently than Breast cancer. Even Cervical cancer kills more frequently than Breast Cancer.

So, when you compare Breast cancer to 14 other cancers, You can see why we should STOP allowing ourselves to be so frightened over it.

And there’s more. For all of you Savvy Sisters out there who are hanging out with me and learning how to balance your Sex Hormones, YOUR risk of Breast cancer can be reduced even further! By discovering and taking action with how to fine tune the balance of your Sex Hormones, and improve the metabolism of the different Estrogens in your body, Your risk of Breast cancer can be reduced even further!

THIS IS MY PURPOSE! To Help YOU Live a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate Life while REDUCING Your Risk of Illness! (WOW! Am I fortunate or what?!)

Now for icing on the cake, You’re REALLY a Rock Star if you start Bioidentical hormones Early in Midlife to resolve Estrogen Dominance which can start as early as 10-15 years BEFORE menopause. Then as you sail through the actual perimenopausal years, you can keep your different Estrogens, E1, E2 and E3, in proper metabolic balance by simply adding Di-indole-methane, (DIM), to your daily supplement routine!

Progesterone BEFORE menopause followed by DIM during perimenopause and beyond. And if you choose to add any Estrogens to your bioidentical hormone regimen, do so with appropriate safe doses that return your hormone levels to normal, healthy, more youthful levels, instead of overshooting with excessive doses. This is exactly why I created Young Hormones at the perfect balanced doses they are in.

And finally to keep your three Estrogens in metabolic check, a single 100mg dose of DIM will help you properly convert your Estrogens into safe Estrogen metabolites which have been shown to actually Decrease your Risk of Breast cancer.

So, it’s now time to remove the fear of Breast cancer OFF your plate. You CAN enjoy feeling and looking more youthful throughout your Powerful Midlife Savvy Sister Years with maintaining healthy Bioidentical hormone levels, prevention of Estrogen Dominance, and a simple single dose of DIM added daily to your supplement regimen!

BELOW I've created some cool infographics to help you really understand Cancer Risk in Women!





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